Tessera Hall Academy

History and Mission

In June 2013, St. Elizabeth Academy, an all-girls high school, closed its doors after 131 years.  Not enough families residing in south St. Louis could afford to pay tuition to send their girls to a private school.  Shortly after, a dedicated group of SEA alumnae, teachers and others who value quality, single-gender education came together to fill the void caused by the closing of St. Elizabeth Academy.  A charter school would offer these families a path to attaining the rigorous academic and strong character-building experience of an all-girls school without the burden of tuition.

The founders chose to name the school Tessera Hall Academy.  A “tessera” is a tile in a mosaic. The name of the school reflects the diversity of its student body as well as the girl, whose individual identity is comprised of pieces from her family, her experiences and her education.

Driven to educate and empower young women in an all-girls, college-preparatory environment to become confident, well-educated leaders in a global society, Tessera’s goal to foster a culture of academic success, mutual respect and shared accountability forms the foundation of our school.

Parents want educational choices for their children. Many families seek alternatives to the St. Louis Public Schools System, but they cannot afford to send their daughters to private or parochial schools. A charter school provides a viable option.